Bob Saget’s pals hit the Comedy Store for their 2nd ‘punk rock shiva’

The famous friends of beloved comedian Bob Saget reunited for the second time at Comedy Story this weekend to send the “Full House” star out.

Pals Jeff Ross and John Mayer were joined by John Stamos, Dave Chappelle, Jim Carrey and Chris Rock in what Ross described as a sequel to their “improvised punk rock shiva” at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood on Sunday.

The group – also joined by Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and her daughters Aubrey and Lara – held a similar event on January 16 after Saget’s “fancy burial” in a private room upstairs at the venue of the comedy,” Ross said on Instagram.

On Sunday, they expanded their audience and moved to the main room of the Comedy Store.

“We laughed and cried for four hours,” Ross said of the first event, posting photos of him, Mayer, Chappelle and others then sharing the stage. “Tonight we’re doing it again in the main hall for his friends and family.”

The famous roaster encouraged his followers to donate to the Scleroderma Research Foundation if Saget “made you smile”. Proceeds from the show also benefited the foundation.

“It is a terrible disease that mainly affects women. Finding a cure is a mission that meant a lot to Bob personally,” he added.

Indeed, Saget became a pitchman for scleroderma research and a strong supporter of the charity after his sister Gay died of the disease in 1996.

The “America’s Funniest Home Videos” host was found dead Jan. 9 in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, hours after performing on his comedy tour.

John Stamos, left, and Darren Criss, right, perform during a tribute to Bob Saget at the Comedy Store.

(Pamal Sisson

According to TMZ, the Comedy Store has only made a limited number of tickets available to the public for Sunday’s show.

The show was produced by Saget’s longtime friend Mike Binder and included performances by Carrey, Rock, Jackson Browne, Mayer, Darren Criss, Michael Keaton, Jon Lovitz, Seth Green, Mike Young, Jodie Sweeten, Paul Rodriguez and Byron Allen.

“Since Bob left this world mid-joke on a comedy tour, it was only fitting to honor his memory in a place where the lights are dim, the drinks flow freely and the punch of pain is overcome with laughter of love. a Stamos representative said in a statement to The Times on Tuesday.

Stamos and Mayer, who were pallbearers at Saget’s funeral, also formed an impromptu house band for the event and ended the evening with a single led by Saget’s widow and daughters.

Diana J. Carleton