On Monday, Colombian musician Karol G announced her collaboration with Crocs, the famous shoe brand. It will be a new high for the Crocs brand. Crocs are preferred for their comfortable shoes. Karol G announced this news on his birthday on Instagram. She told her fans that she was thrilled to announce her collaboration with Crocs. She said Croc’s new campaign promotes “boldness and self-respect,” which is her gift to her fans.

The duo includes a red version of the classic clog by bribing it with yarn and heart charms. The motive behind this is to show that love is not enough, self-love is also essential. The design also includes accent shaped safety pins and metal hearts.

The style, while featuring the same foam and red p uppers, features black rubber and 2.4-inch platform scoops for added height. These clogs are also available in pink, red, white and black hearts. The company has added texture around the heel and collar.

Karol said she designed these charms to promote self-love.

According to the company, they emphasized comfort. This clog is 360 degree comfortable and lightweight added to the business.

According to the Crocs website, interested buyers must enter their name for the raffle. The draw started on February 14 and will end on February 18 at 12:00 p.m. Within twelve hours of the end of the draw, the winner will be announced. The winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be notified via their provided email. Their card will be charged for the purchase. Due to supply chain issues, the company added that shipping may take longer.

They will launch two new silhouettes. The name of the clogs is the Mega Crush clog and the classic clog.

Crocs is a very famous brand with comfortable shoes. In India, Crocs shoes start from Rs 1800.

According to the company, classic clogs cost around $45 for both men and women, and children’s clogs cost around $30.

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Diana J. Carleton