Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol, punk rock style

Amber McNew greets us with her hair already in braids with pinned curls in the front.

His t-shirt, black, has a smiley on it.

She’s sitting in her dressing room, pinning up her braids for the wig cap (it’s like tights on her head lol) and finally a part purple wig.

“You know punk is really built around this kind of violent movement, that’s why your girl has 20 freaking pins,” McNnew said.

It references the punk rock setting of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol at the American Stage Theater in St. Pete until January 2, 2022.

She moves a lot – even if it’s not punk rock – she climbs ladders and jumps off pieces of the set.

(Flying hair untied to someone’s head isn’t on the menu. Every pin counts!) The story follows Ebenzer Scrooge’s already dead business partner as he tries to claw his way out of his doom.

“Technically, my name is ‘Actor #4,'” explained McNew, the fourth of the series’ four actors.

And it comes with eight different roles.

Her outfits help her stay on track.

And the show moves so fast that McNew has to hide some of his costumes in plain sight.

She transforms right on stage – that’s why it’s so important that every prop is in its perfect place.

“Because I have to be able to grab them to put my hand in,” she said, putting her gloves back on.

Let’s go back to that ladder– she climbs to the top and throws half her body like the side half of an X.

It’s a powerplay prop check.

And if she’s feeling down as a character, she can literally jump into a lower level stage riser, all adorned with extremely provocative graffiti.

“So it’s a real playground,” McNew said. “Who wouldn’t want to play.”

Diana J. Carleton