Marine Serre adds a punk rock anecdote to her FW22 collection

Marine Serre continues to push the limits of the brand’s know-how in its Hard disk Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

The house leans towards punk-rock inspirations, reinventing the traditional silhouette of the 60s/70s era that saw the avant-garde take center stage in fashion. Plaid patterns have become a repeating pattern and can be seen building overcoats, scarves and square neck jackets. The plaid is also a nod to Scottish heritage, which sees the brand reinventing tartan scarves. The punk attitude is accentuated by the array of belt buckles transformed into necklaces and bracelets, worn over knit sweaters and kilts. The house’s Moon Diamant symbol is ubiquitous on various pieces, including puffer jackets, tailored blazers, trousers and loose utility pants. The collection also features a range of bright colors and quirky kaleidoscope patterned sweaters.

In terms of footwear, the season debuts a new sculpted moon-heel shoe that leaves behind the house’s distinctive crescent moon imprint with every step. The eclipse remains the eternal inspiration for FW22.

Take a look at the full collection above.

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Diana J. Carleton