Marvel’s Punk Rock Spider-Man takes down the Nazis in Spider-Punk #1

Spider-Punk is one of the wackiest alternate-Earth versions of Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, first appearing in 2014. spider worms saga. Rude, punk-loving teenager Hobart Brown got his powers from a radioactive spider. Spider-Punk used his gifts to bring down President Osborn, who had plunged his homeworld of Earth-138 into authoritarian rule, by beating him to death with his guitar. Now the anti-fascist hero, along with his anarchist friends, protects their neighborhood and their community from the Nazis. Spider-Punk finally gets his well-deserved solo series, written by Cody Ziglar with art by Justin Mason and Jim Charalampidis and letters from VC’s Travis Lanham.

Spider Punk #1 begins the five-issue miniseries with a bang. In a dystopian world where punk rock reigns supreme, Hobie and his friends, freedom fighter Karl Morningdew (Captain Anarchy) and genius Riri Williams (Riot Heart), battle fascists like Nazi punks Kraven and the Hunters to protect their city. When a near-fatal altercation causes the Spider-Band to take a closer look at the technology wielded by Kraven and his gang, they are surprised at the level of energy emanating from the weapon. Kraven returns for round two, this time with an ace up his sleeve. Spider-Punk and his band of anarchists must mobilize to defeat this new threat.

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Spider-Punk battles Kraven in Spider-Punk #1

When the Fascists come out to play, friendly Spider-Punk and his trusty guitar are there to help. Cody Ziglar writes the character with great guts and wit, spewing profanity at every opportunity and never backing down from a good fight. More importantly, he fights to keep his town free, with his friends supporting him through thick and thin. Spider Punk #1 moves in a linear fashion with little to no exposition impeding the progression of events and intermittent combat sequences, which keeps the plot going. Ziglar brings the world of Earth-138 to life using colorful language and a plot-driven story, even giving some traditional characters a cultural update.

The work of Spider Punk #1 is an absolute blast, taking the wacky energy of punk rock and bringing it to life through a series of boldly inked and cartoonishly stylized illustrations. Artist Justin Mason uses striking action lines and frames figures in dynamic poses to create eye-catching panels. However, the newly introduced character designs look generic and resemble their Earth-616 counterparts, with punk designs applied to them. That said, the ultimate pizzazz comes from coloring the book, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Colorist Jim Charalampidis uses the brightest shades and a host of tertiary colors, even incorporating Travis Lanham’s lettering into the effects, to bring out the punk feel of the dystopian world.

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Hobie meets Riri in Spider-Punk #1

Spider Punk #1 kicks off on the right foot with a fairly solid story told at an exciting pace that keeps readers rooted in their seats. The creative team aptly captures the vibrant world of Earth-138, filling it with spikes, mohawks and emo hairstyles in a multitude of colors, each reflecting the personality of its wearer. Hobie is just as reckless as he was when he first appeared, but this time he has friends to keep him straight. It’s endearing to hear them joking among themselves. Spider Punk #1 welcomes new and established readers with an ending that promises even more rock battles.

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