‘Starfield’ Developers Share Details About The Game’s ‘NASA-Punk’ Style

Bethesda Softworks has shared details about its upcoming sci-fi game star fields choice of design and artistic direction.

Some of the artists working on star field recently spoke to Xbox thread (via VGC) as part of an art giveaway and provided more details on the game’s visual design.

“Early on in this project, when we were trying to establish the overall aesthetic of this game, we kind of coined the term ‘NASA-Punk’ to describe a somewhat more grounded and relatable sci-fi universe,” Explain star fieldlead artist Istvan Pely.

“We wanted a very realistic shot. You can draw a line from current space technology and extrapolate from there into the future to make it believable and relevant.

Star field. Credit: Bethesda.

“What’s really interesting is how much we’ve all clung to this concept,” added lead animator Rick Vicens. “When you said NASA-Punk, the art team was able to instantly take those two words and make them work. It was just the perfect term for our art direction and keeping everyone in [the] same flow and working with a consistent style. For me, it just clicked. At the beginning of the project, I think this term was essential for us.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently said he wants star field to be Bethesda’s most played game. Earlier this month, he said: “The quality of the title is number one, there’s no doubt about it… but it will be a success for the individual games.

“Can we really make these games – can we allow them to reach more players than they’ve ever seen before? And I say that because I believe in the social impact of interactive entertainment,” Spencer said.

In other news, Valve has announced new rules that will control how often and how much a game can be discounted on Steam. These include caps on how high or how low discounts are.

Diana J. Carleton