The cult punk rock musical… with an “Angry Inch” at home

The Rupaul’s Drag Race legend will play the titular character in the stage adaptation of the 2001 film.

The 2001 film Hedwig and the Angry Inch explores the story of gay punk rock singerHedwig from East Berlin as they tour the United States on tour with their band.

The film, which debuted in 2001, became a cult classic after exploring the realms of an unlikely romance rooted in gender, politics and self-acceptance.

The story centers on Hedwig, a singer in a punk-rock band who moved from East Berlin to Kansas following a botched gender reassignment operation that left them with an “angry thumb”.

Drawing: @laurenmoran

Hedwig is heartbroken twice, first by the GI who lured them into the operation to allow them to marry and emigrate, then by Tommy Gnosis, who fell in love with Hedwig but then stole their songs and used them to become the rock star. Hedwig always wanted to be.

It’s a tale that many have a deep connection to, not just because it’s hilarious and heartbreaking with an effortlessly cool and catchy soundtrack, but because it taps into the question of identity and how it is shaped by our relationships.

The film’s stage adaptation doesn’t stray too far from the original story, and Divina De Campo has already received rave reviews when it debuts at the Leeds Playhouse this week.

It’s a euphoric, rock n roll performance that’s hailed as a darkly humorous story of self-love, fueled by a live band, epic rock music and hard-hitting lyrics.

Much like the film, Hedwig and the Angry Inch explores on stage gender identity, acceptance and the freedom be who you want to be.

The show is directed by Jamie Flecher and stars none other than divine drag queen, Divina De Campo. The musical breaks all the rules – challenging us all to create a world where everyone is valued and everyone is loved.

It starts at HOME on Wednesday, April 27 through Wednesday, May 11, and tickets can be reserved now via the link below.


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