The most punk rock Spider-Man finally gets his own Marvel series

“I wrote five issues of amazing spider man and had written two backups for Miles Morales: Spider-Man and I also write What if? Miles Morales they do,” says Ziglar. He joked that he regularly told Marvel editors, “‘I want to write Spider-Man, but what if it’s a black Spider-Man? I’m the guy you want to come to.'”

As he was saying, the higher ups were telling him, “’Calm down. If it reappears, we’ll let you know. One day they reached out to me. “Hey, not only is he a black Spider-Man, but he’s a black Spider-Man who loves punk stuff.” Awesome! Literally all my bases are covered! They saw how excited I was about the prospect and came to me for it.

Now, if you haven’t seen Spider-Punk’s first unteamed adventure, you’ve missed him taking down President Osborn and his symbiote army via the power of music, rebellion, and a very graphic guitar. to the skull. Where does our hero go from here?

Ziglar compares eliminating Osborn to “exploding the Death Star”, meaning the consequences are dealing with the institution of the Empire.

“It’s really him saying, ‘I eliminated the figurehead, but now I’m dealing with the real institution. How can I overthrow the current institution? And for that, he has to put together a fun little team.

A team? Ziglar is mostly tight-lipped about who to expect. Along with spending more time with Spider-Punk’s brother-in-arms Captain Anarchy, Ziglar named a variant of Riri Williams as part of Hobart’s heroic band. A group that should have 4-5 members.

Diana J. Carleton