The Starr Conspiracy Announces 2022 Partnership With Punk Rock HR Podcast

SAN FRANCISCO, December 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Starr Conspiracy, a B2B marketing agency focused on companies creating the future of work, today announced that it will be the exclusive subscription sponsor for by Laurie Ruettimann Punk Rock HR podcast for 2022.

As a popular podcaster, entrepreneur, author, CNN commentator, and guest speaker, Ruettimann focuses on creating work cultures that support, empower, and engage workers in meaningful ways. His book bet on you, released this year, was featured on NPR, the new yorker, United States Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Voice.

The Starr Conspiracy frequently books its customers on podcasts with significant reach. One of the top 5% most popular podcasts by audience, Punk Rock HR is widely followed by HR managers and practitioners as well as business leaders who want to improve the work experience.

“The future of work is here and it’s even harder than it was before 2020,” said Steve Smith, partner and marketing director of The Starr Conspiracy. “Laurie’s voice as an authentic advocate for creating better employment experiences that benefit everyone – individuals, managers and employers – is more important than ever.”

For more than 20 years, Ruettimann has told stories of work and life as a thought leader, author, podcaster, keynote speaker, and consultant. As a former human resources manager for companies like Monsanto and Pfizer, she thinks it’s high time to fix a broken world of work. Through her provocative stories and interviews, Laurie shines a light on the innovators, leaders and practitioners trying to fix the world of work.

“Punk Rock HR raises the voice of people who work hard to fix the job,” Ruettimann said. “This partnership with The Starr Conspiracy, with its long history of working with innovative and market-leading brands, will help showcase these compelling stories.”

You can find Punk Rock HR on all major podcasting platforms or visit for more details. If you would like to be invited to the podcast, send an e-mail [email protected]

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Since 2018, Punk Rock RH was a popular podcast focused on repair work. It airs on Mondays on all podcasting platforms. Last year, it passed the milestone of 500,000 downloads. Each week, Laurie speaks with thinkers, entrepreneurs, technologists and others who are innovating in the new world of work. Past guests have included politicians, thinkers and leaders like Andrew Yang, Amy Edmondson, Zach Nunn, Julie Zhuo, Bob Sutton, Adam Alter, Julie Lythcott-Haims, Erica Dhawan, Lindsey Pollack, Torin Ellis, and Dan Schawbel.

SOURCE The Starr Conspiracy

Diana J. Carleton